Clonazepam Generic 93 833

29. november 2011 at 11:02

Related article: 4225 B M/I DOCTORS LAST NAME B B B B DT M/I UNIT DOSE INDICATOR 4568 B / FL If the unit dose indicator on the drug file is set to manufacturer packaging and a unit dose indicator is submitted on the claim; then the error posts. B B B B DT M/I UNIT DOSE INDICATOR 4226 B The Unit Dose Indicator is missing or it does not match one of the valid values specified for the field. B B B B DU M/I GROSS AMOUNT DUE 4227 B Client Specific (NM) The Gross Amount Due is missing (zeros). B B B B DV M/I Other Payer Amount Paid 4855 B If the other insurance indicator = 3 or 4; and the primary payer date not numeric or not > zeroes or the other amount is not equal to zeroes; then the error is posted. D D D D DV M/I Other Payer Amount Paid 4229 B Missing Deny Date (If the Other Coverage Code is �3� (other coverage exists - This claim not covered) OR �4� (other coverage exists - Payment not collected)) AND The payerid date is not numeric OR The payerid date Clonazepam Generic 93 833 is not greater than zeros OR The payerid paid amount is greater than zeros. D D D D DV
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